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We’re an lean Open-Source Software Development Agency based in Puerto Rico. Harness the power of Python’s versatility and Odoo’s comprehensive enterprise resource planning features to streamline operations and propel business growth.

Elevate your software development projects with expertly crafted solutions tailored to your needs.


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Odoo ERP Enterprise Resource Platform is an open-source customizable platform built with Python and featuring over 6,000 integrations covering nearly every business need, and starting with inventory management and sales, accounting, marketing, HR and more. 

Its modular design allows for tailored solutions, offering flexibility for businesses. Open-source Odoo is cost-effective by avoiding hefty licensing fees, making it a smart choice for companies that need to boost efficiency.

Full-Stack B2B Solutions for SMB Efficiency

PR Website Agency’s integration of AI with human creativity enhances operational efficiency for our tem and our clients, delivering high-quality content in reduced timelines. 

This synergy allows for quick scaling of content production without compromising quality, offering a practical solution for growing content demands.

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