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In 2010 I started Tech Savvy NYC offering “big agency services for small businesses”.

As proof of talents, skills and past success I offer many referrals and recommendations, as well as live website examples, and quantifiable case studies. I am extremely competitive in my own business and for my clients.

A significant indicator of what we can do is what the team has done already and accomplished so far. Here you will find live examples of the websites we have built and businesses that we have helped grow.


Client Websites and Case Studies

One of the most perplexing things to me about competitor websites is they rarely provide actual links to live examples of the websites they have built or businesses they have helped grow. This is true of the biggest and costliest agencies locally.


Learn how Mark Derho led the team that built BIKE RENT NYC, the largest bike rental business in New York, located inside Central Park, Manhattan NYC. 

New York City, Retainer Client (2015-2018)


Learn how Mark Derho rebuilt the (San Juan, PR) website including content creation and top-ranked Google search optimization.

San Juan, Puerto Rico, Contract Client (2019-2020)

212 Photo Booth

Learn how Mark Derho led all website and digital marketing initiatives and changed 212 PHOTO BOOTH into a tech savvy business, while tripling revenue.

New York City, Retainer Client (2018-Present)


Learn how Mark Derho built and maintained cost-effective and lead-generating websites for restaurant event spaces riverwalkbarandgrill and

Roosevelt Island, NYC, Retainer Client (2014-2017)


Learn how Mark Derho rebuilt the mobile-first product catalog website featuring +1000 products, and trained staff to maintain the site.

Valencia, Ca., Contract Client (2019)


Learn how Mark Derho built the informative, SEO-optimized lead-generating website and landing pages in both the Korean and Chinese languages.

Queens, NYC, Repeat Contract Client (2014, 2021)

Case Studies Posts by Mark Derho

This blog provides original information and content by Mark Derho. This is unique and original content and information curated through research and filtered through my extensive professional experience.  Please recommend the site and posts and consider digital marketing agency services.

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Case Studies

Bike Rent NYC Client Case Study

Executive Consultant and Agency Services: Leadership, website design and SEO, and content marketing grew Bike Rent NYC from two (2) stores to sixteen (16). Bike Rent NYC is now the largest bike rental business in New York City and the official exclusive bike rental concessionaire inside Central Park and NYC Parks.

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Enjoy this fun simple marketing video above, made to introduce website design and development and SEO/SEM digital marketing services to San Juan Puerto Rico.

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Video by Mark Derho


About PR Website Agency

PR Website Agency is founded and led by Mark Derho. After ten successful years in New York City as TECH SAVVY NYC (2010-2020), PR Website Agency rebranded and accepted it’s first local San Juan, PR client in 2020. The PR Website Agency team consists of local and remote talent that work directly and successfully with small and local business owners to grow their revenue, brand and online reputation. We can help you compete for the top local ranking on Google against competitors.

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