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PR WEBSITE AGENCY is an AI-Powered website design and digital marketing agency now based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and after 10 years in NYC as TECH SAVVY NYC.

Led by Mark DerhoPR WEBSITE AGENCY offer cost-effective cutting-edge big agency NYC-style services at scale, and now available in Puerto Rico.

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Innovative and creative

The year is 1993, and everywhere you look is World Wide Web. Few had any inkling of what changes would come in the next 30 years, Mark Derho taught himslef HTML 1.0 and Adobe Photoshop and began a self-taught career in the ultra-competitive NYC Internet and online marketing and software development industries. Now, AI-powered marketing and development solutions enable us to gain a competitive advantage in in the modern digital marketing world. 

Earned Integrity and trust

Character and responsibility are not just a traits of personal integrity; they are also vital ingredients to our business recipe. Over many years Mark Derho has built a reputation of honesty, trustworthiness, and ethical behavior that serves loyal customers but also inspires a culture of excellence and accountability within the team organization. This is quantified through referrals and long-standing professional relationships. 

Using AI Tools for Success

Not since 1993 has there been such a massive disruption in the world of technology as we now see with AI. Artificial Intelligence  tools and platforms are revolutionizing the digital marketing landscape. In the right hands, AI-powered solutions enable businesses to be agile and stay ahead of their competition. We create more dynamic content faster and more productively using AI technologies, and perform Organic SEO, and analyze customer data. 

Naturally very competive

Mark Derho sets the tone and enjoyes taking on larger and more established agencies when representing clients. Beat your competition with a self-taught, internally-driven website and digital marketing agency led by an expert professional also passionate about AI. 

Local, Remote and Scalable

We are primarily located in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and occasionally work on location in New York City.  PR WEBSITE AGENCY also employs an established  network of talented and cost-effective remote consultants in NYC and elsewhere. 

No Hand-Holding Required

Whatever we can do to move the project forward, we will do. However, client participation is criticalto timely success as aquiring the specific information, content and project phase approvals, and additional items needed in a timely manner is required.   


PR Website Agency Team

Mark Derho at PR Website Agency

Mark Derho

After 25 years in New York City, Mark now lives in Puerto Rico. He does the work, built this site, and is unequivocably responsible for everything that happens here including client success and business growth.

Oleg Sunko

Oleg is a hard-core Technology Wizard specializing in quantum computing, IoT, telecomunications, multi-language programming, digital product development, and essentially unpenetrable security.

Karina Rendo

Karina Rendo is an MSSC SLP and language expert providing community relations and Spanish-langauge translation.

Tasha Pati

Tasha is a world-class WordPress and PHP Developer and problem-solver with 15 years experience.

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