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A Halloween Horror Tale: The Big Monster Consuming the Digital Marketing Industry

A Halloween Horror Tale💀: The Big Monster Consuming the Digital Marketing Industry

A Halloween Horror Tale 💀: The Big Monster Consuming the Digital Marketing Industry – by Mark Derho

A Halloween Horror Tale💀: The Big Monster Consuming the Digital Marketing Industry

On a cold October evening, in the bustling heart of the digital era, Gerald Mota, owner of Great Gifts & Modern Gadgets, realized it was time to bring his business online. His store was cherished by locals, but to survive in this new age, Gerald knew he needed a new modern online presence and marketing strategy with a global reach.

⚰️Well-known, the dominant “Big Business Big Money Agency” (BBBMA) with its towering skyscraper offices that overshadowed others, their presence was as ominous as it was alluring. 🦇 They were known to monopolize the digital industry through connections, their monstrous tactics leaving little room for any true competition from smaller players. 

Without delving deep into the recesses of his instincts, Gerald was seduced by the allure of BBBMA. When he met with their smooth-talking representative, 🐺Maria, with her sharp suit and even sharper smile, he was promised the digital universe on a silver platter.

But as the weeks wore on, Gerald felt the weight of his decision. Enormous bills with complex terminologies started flooding in. Every question directed at Maria was met with, “It’s the cost of doing business at the top, Mr. Mota.”

Then, the day of the grand reveal arrived. 🖤The new website was… dreadful. It bore a design trapped in a time warp, its outdated aesthetics a far cry from the modern vibrancy of Great Gifts & Modern Gadgets. 🧟 To make matters worse, the social media platforms were littered with generic posts, devoid of any personal touch, making his store indistinguishable from a thousand others.

Frustrated, Gerald demanded solutions. 🔮However, BBBMA only offered a few grim options ☠️ that seemed to push Gerald further into the digital abyss. No modern designs, no clear strategies, just a foreboding sense that his business was ensnared in a wicked web.


Realizing he’d made a grave mistake, 🧛

Gerald decided to cut ties with BBBMA. But every time he tried to access his website or social media accounts, Maria’s face would appear on the screen, whispering, “You can’t escape the contract, Gerald.” 🕸️

Distressed, Gerald confronted Maria. “This isn’t what I envisioned! Where’s the personal touch? The essence of my store?”

👻Maria smirked, “We have one way, Mr. Mota. The BBBMA way.  🧟And everyone follows it.”


💡 Feeling trapped and desperate for an alternative, Gerald sought out 🤖 “PR WEBSITE AGENCY”. 

When the small business agency’ owner Mark heard his plight, he was all too familiar with combating the suffocating grasp of big agencies like BBBMA. He revealed that these giant agencies gobbled up competitors through connections, and not through meritocracy, standardizing and homogenizing the digital realm and leaving businesses like Gerald’s gasping for breath.

With patience and tailored strategies, PR WEBSITE AGENCY began the rescue mission. They revamped the website beyond expectations with video and SEO. 🩸 They breathed life into the social media channels with AI-enhanced content and media, resonating with the relevant messaging and the exciting spirit of Great Gifts & Modern Gadgets.

Yet, when the wind howls a little louder every Halloween, 🧙 Gerald shudders at the memory of the lost money and time spent with the monstrous BBBMA. 🪟 From his shop window, he can still see the intimidating silhouette of their skyscraper, a dark reminder of the perils of not choosing wisely in the digital world.

🪦Let this tale be a cautionary one: In the vast world of online marketing, be wary of the big shiny monsters that promise the universe but deliver tricks and not treats. 🦉 Seek those who understand your vision and can bring it to life, lest you become another shadow in the vast darkness of generic digital oblivion. 


🎃 Happy Halloween! 🎃


Mark Derho: (718) 809-0034< 


Sure, here’s a list of Halloween-related emojis. 

Use them to add a touch of spooky fun to your Halloween messages:

  1. 🎃 (Pumpkin)
  2. 👻 (Ghost)
  3. 🦇 (Bat)
  4. 🕸️ (Spider Web)
  5. 🕷️ (Spider)
  6. 🧟 (Zombie)
  7. 🧛 (Vampire)
  8. 🧙 (Witch)
  9. 🧹 (Broom)
  10. 🌕 (Full Moon)
  11. 🐺 (Wolf, for werewolves)
  12. 💀 (Skull)
  13. ☠️ (Skull and Crossbones)
  14. 🍭 (Lollipop, for trick or treating)
  15. 🍬 (Candy)
  16. 🍫 (Chocolate Bar)
  17. 🥀 (Wilted Flower)
  18. 🪦 (Tombstone)
  19. 🦉 (Owl)
  20. 🍎 (Apple, for bobbing for apples or poisoned apples)
  21. 🍁 (Maple Leaf, for the fall season)
  22. 🌌 (Milky Way, for spooky night skies)
  23. ⚰️ (Coffin)
  24. 🔮 (Crystal Ball)
  25. 🖤 (Black Heart)
  26. 🕯️ (Candle)
  27. 🪟 (Window, for eerie or haunted houses)
  28. 🩸 (Drop of Blood)
  29. 🧡 (Orange Heart, for pumpkin colors)
  30. 🤡 (Clown, for those spooky clown costumes)



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