12 Steps to Build a Better Website

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Small Business Website – 12 Step Process

Use this professional process and implement these 12 Steps to Build a Better Website.

The following #techsavvy small business website design and development process outline is freely provided by Mark Derho and PR Website Agency. Build your website yourself, or, effectively manage the building a modern search-optimized Responsive WordPress website and save money and time.

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I personally use recommend free WordPress.org for building your website; an Open-GPL License, PHP-based, CMS Blog and Website Builder. WordPress.org does not offer web hosting. WordPress is the top CMS and powers 25% of all sites across the web; a free website content management system (CMS) which is versatile, powerful and the most popular small business website design and development platform in the world.


WordPress is open-source and free to use and modify and is supported by a robust online community. I do not personally recommend WordPress.com for site hosting or building your website. It is powered by WordPress.org (Open and Free) but is a limited version, more similar to Wix and SquareSpace. I also do not recommend GoDaddy Website Builder, Wix, SquareSpace or the many other WYSIWYG

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